Commercial HVAC Services In Colville, WA

Commercial hvac servicesin Colville, Loon Lake, Kettle Falls, WA and Surrounding Areas

Peak Performance Plan

Just like getting an oil change on your car, your system needs to be tuned up twice a year by a qualified HVAC technician.

Why should I have routine preventative maintenance on my system?

Detect issues sooner for easier repair

Increased energy efficiency

Save money on power bills

Protect your warranty

Avoid breakdowns during winter freezes and summer heat waves

Commercial Premium Tune-Up


Biannual Appointments

*$25 per month or $150 per visit

Free diagnostic within 6 months of your last tune-up if a problem arises

Filter change or deep filter wash

1 year supply of filters (factory filters excluded)

*Estimated value $30-$60 when compared to shopping locally

15% repair discount if something breaks down

Additional 5 year labor warranty on any Quartzite Comfort LLC installation when you join within 6 months and remain on this plan. That's 10 years total!

Clean dirty outdoor coils

Clean condensation drain lines

Inspect All Moving Parts and Internal Components

Check system controls

Check Refrigerant Lines

Check Air Flow and Ductwork

Carbon monoxide and gas pressure test on gas furnaces

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