HVAC Tune Up In Colville, WA

HVAC Tune up in Colville, Loon Lake, Kettle Falls, WA and Surrounding Areas



Yes! Just like getting an oil change on your car, your system needs a tune-up twice a year.

Detect issues sooner for easier repair

Increased energy efficiency

Money savings on power bills

Protect your warranty

Avoid breakdowns and emergencies during winter freezes and summer heat waves

Peak Performance Plan

Premium Tune-Up: $25 per month or $150 per visit

$300 per year investment


Biannual Appointments

Your system should be serviced once during heating season and once during cooling season.


Free Diagnostic

If you have a problem with your system within 6 months of your last tune-up we will come diagnose it for free. That's a savings of $120!


Filter Change or Deep Filter Wash

We will change your filter at each tune-up visit. If you have a system with washable filters we will deep clean them for you! If your filter requires changing in between tune-up visits we will send you a text message reminder.


1 Year Supply of Filters

Estimated value $30-$60 when compared to shopping locally.

4" filters need to be changed every 6 months.

1" filters need to be changed every 90 days. If your system has a 1" filter, we will remind you with a text or email that it is time to change your filter in between tune-ups.


15% Repair Discount

If you have a repair that is not covered under your warranty receive a 15% discount on your invoice.


Additional 5 year Labor Warranty

We include a 5 year labor warranty automatically on any Daikin System installed by Quartzite Comfort. If you join our tune-up program within 1 year of the installation we will increase our labor warranty to 10 years!


Clean Dirty Outdoor Coils

Clean your heat pump coil or AC coil as needed. This is typically performed once a year in the Spring or Summer.


Clean Condensation Drain Lines

Check all drain lines and condensate pumps. Clean if needed.


Inspect All Moving Parts and Internal Components


Check System Controls

If your thermostat is not smart enough to control your heating and air system you can be wasting money every month because you are not properly utilizing your equipment.


Check Refrigerant Lines


Check Air Flow and Ductwork

Assessment of ductwork for leaks and loss of airflow. We also evaluate the cleanliness of your ductwork and let you know if we could help you to be breathing cleaner air!


Carbon Monoxide Test

We check all natural gas and propane furnaces to make sure there are no leaks that could be harmful to your health.


Full Digital Report

A report of the work performed and any findings will be sent to you via e-mail upon completion of your visit.

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